Planeet - Silva

Silva was the world's best mother and the most radiant and joyful person to ever walk this earth. She is now a princess in heaven who owns one of the distant planets in our universe.

This track has been written for her and is available to downloaded for free, but if your heart is big enough, then you can choose any amount you want and donate. All the proceeds will go to the nonprofit organization the Janno Puusepa Foundation (Janno Puusepa Fond MTÜ). The purpose of this foundation is to help support people with sever illnesses, like ALS, PLS and cystic fibrosis, with financial and practical aid. This is something which is not currently covered by the national health care system. They were also the people who were there for Silva during her complicated and difficult journey.

Even a small contribution can help a lot of people who are severely ill. By combining all the tiny contributions, we can support the ones in need - together. So, download this track and if you feel like you want to do good, then please donate to the Janno Puusepp Foundation.

MTÜ Janno Puusepa Fond
IBAN EE184204278605413008
Description: Silva heategu

NB! All the proceeds from Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify etc will go to charity!

T H A N K Y O U !

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